Ars Nova Chamber Orchestra


Stay tuned for 2018-2019 season information!

ANCO is an innovative 30-member unconducted chamber ensemble that performs orchestral repertoire using chamber music techniques. This means the musicians take over the role of the conductor, trading and sharing leadership within each performance, players leading in turn from their own seats. The result is an invigorating and creative approach to making music, an inspiring model for collaboration, and–most of all–a thrilling concert experience for audiences.

Ars Nova members come from a variety of distinguished ensembles around the nation, including the Boston Philharmonic, the Premiere DC Military Bands, and the Indianapolis Symphony; all are united by their commitment to chamber music. In addition to performing full-orchestra concerts with no conductor, this takes the shape of a series of small-ensemble concerts, featuring intimate presentations of the high classical repertoire in venues across the DC area.