Ars Nova Chamber Orchestra



Our 2018-19 Season:

st johns by jeff5678 cc by 2.0

Photo by jeff5678, CC BY 2.0

ANCO is thrilled to announce a residency in the historic and beautiful St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square, in the heart of DC. Please save these dates, and visit our concerts page for more details.

October 21, 5pm: Mozart + Kókai: Chamber Music for Strings and Clarinet, opening the St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square Parlor Series of chamber music (ticketless, free of charge);

November 7, 12:10pm: ANCO’s Brass Quintet performs for the First Wednesday lunchtime concert series at St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square (ticketless, free of charge);

November 18, 5pm: Full orchestra at St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square, for a program including Beethoven 6 ($20, visit our Concerts page for tickets and more details); and

April 7, 5pm: Full orchestra at St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square ($20, tickets released soon).

It’ll be a thrilling season in a beautiful space. See you there!

About the Orchestra:

The Ars Nova Chamber Orchestra is an innovative 30-member ensemble that performs as a full orchestra with no conductor using chamber music techniques. This means the musicians have equal creative input in rehearsal, then use small gestures to trade and share leadership within the performance. The result is an invigorating and creative approach to making music, an inspiring model for collaboration, andmost of alla thrilling concert experience for audiences.

ANCO members bring experience from a variety of distinguished ensembles around DC and the nation; all are united by their commitments to chamber music and to artistic collaboration. ANCO is honored to perform regularly as orchestra-in-residence for St. John’s Church Lafayette Square.


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